Welcome to my little place.

I am currently a senior Computer Science Specialist student at the University of Toronto (UTSG), interested in Human-Computer Interaction and Machine Learning. Specifically, I want to use machine learning algorithms to help improve end-user experiences. Ultimately, I hope what I build can make someone's life better.

Caligraphy, photography, and cycling are my favorites. Good at cooking, can't really bake.

Stuff that I made


Github repo with 20+ stars that contains notes to most of my courses since Winter 2019 term.

Team ZeroLoss

ASA DataFest@UofT COVID-19 Virtual Data Challenge project using emotions that people express on Twitter to explore societal impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. Trained NLP model using transfer learning on RoBERTa (variant of BERT), and specially tweaked it for Twitter text.


Real-Time facial expression detection with convolution neural networks and respective emoji masking with homography estimation.


Game Rating Platform built with React frontend and Express backend where users can find games, rate them, and leave comments to share their thoughts on them. Designed for gamers by team 042.